Become a Dropcatcher

Now you can be a public dropcatcher using your tag and make money without spending thousands on site development.

We are offering a complete membership/ordering/invoicing system for anyone with a tag and a paypal address who wants to make money as a public dropcatcher with little to no input. You can now join all the other public dropcatchers, including domainview, and not only expand your own chasing ability but sell backorders to everyone.

Three business models.

1) The 'standard' model of one backorder available per domain per person. You decide how many credits people have, how many an extension costs, and the pricing for each credit. When a backorder is taken it is not available for anyone else. This is a model used by most catchers including domainview.

2) The 'semi-auction' model. This also uses credits like model one but a backorder can be taken by someone else for a credit more than the current backorder. This allows anyone to backorder up to the limit of the credits they have in their account and is guaranteed that each successive bid will be a fixed amount higher than the previous.

3) The 'full auction' model. Anyone can bid any amount on a backorder. The person with the highest bid on the day of the drop gets the backorder and, if caught, pays that amount for the domain. This model has been working for years on .com and other extensions and, although not used widely yet, will become the new standard as the amount of tags increases along with potential customers.

You can switch between business models with just a simple click.
Automated notification/billing

When a domain is caught invoices are generated for the client. They are notified and also reminded every two days about payment. Payment is made via paypal straight to your account. They can download and print their invoices and come back to them at any time. All payment links and paperwork is done for you. Your admin control panel gives you all the information you need.
Site Customization

Your admin panel allows you to set all meta tags and favicon along with code you can place on the front page and also in the head tags of every page (ideal for tracking codes). You set all pricing and credit options, VAT rates and number, currency etc.
Domain Reservation and Self Backordering

You can block specific domains or patterns from being backordered - eg you could block all three letter from being backordered. You can also backorder domains yourself easily and for any account number you wish. Anything you backorder will automatically not be available to anyone else.

There is a demo site on (nothing is actually chased) which is set for business model 3 so you can see the frontend. If you are interested contact us for exclusive access to the admin control panel.

However this whole system (which would cost many hundreds if not thousands to develop) is available on a two week demo after which you are not obliged to continue using it. As the system is housed on a server of its own with email addresses it has to be set up manually so email us with your tag and we'll get back to you with all the information
Free Droplists

7 day droplists are provided free of charge for all your clients.

The whole automated system is available at only £30 per month if you use our hosted dropchasing or £50 per month if you wish to use your own chasing system/software.